Cathodic protection

protezione catodica



  • Soil resistivity measurements
  • Insulation resistance measurements
  • Search insulation flaws (even on the main transport pipelines)
  • Search electrical contacts
  • Significant potential at close intervals
  • Recordings volts / amperometric in the presence of stray currents in the vicinity of electrified railways supplied with direct current or high-voltage power lines
  • Remote execution of cathodic protection systems
  • Cathodic protection systems design with the drafting of technical specifications; price lists; cost analysis; drawings; wiring diagrams; normative requirements
  • Turnkey construction of cathodic protection systems
  • Drilling of wells and realization sinks anodic
  • Framework agreements for the performance of all the practices imposed by Resolution 236/00
  • Cathodic protection for underground tanks and metal structures immersed in sea water
  • Ultrasound measures for the steel thickness control with our instrumentation AGFA

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