Study of technical improvements for projects

Studio di migliorie tecniche su progetti

Thanks to the continuous updating of new products and technologies, we can propose study of technical improvements for projects to public authorities, designers but also companies that in case of most economically advantageous tender must identify and propose solutions for improvements.

In the event of most economically advantageous tender companies must submit an alternative proposal which should be technically improving for the contracting entity and economically advantageous for the company.

Our intervention of study of technical improvements for projects is divided into several phases:

1) study of the project
2) identification of the weaknesses of the original project
3) on the basis of the scores laid down in the relevant notice and/or specification, drawing up a synopsis of the improvements, showing the qualitative and quantitative elements considered most appropriate in order to obtain the highest scores

We therefore propose products and improvement solutions only after a careful study of the improvement criteria and relative scores included in the tender. This allows the company to present its own project whose technical and economic advantages are in line with all the parameters evaluated by the commission, which results in a higher score and a more likely award of the contract.

We also provide all the supporting documentation and draw up on request comparison reports between the old solutions and the new proposals.