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(Since 1985)

For over thirty years the IDROMET SIDER srl makes supplies of products for aqueducts, pipelines, sewage and industrial plants; over the years has extended its activities to the provision of services such as leak detection on pipelines, gas and water and sewer video inspections, which realizes directly with its specialized staff and equipment of high reliability.

The company is also involved in pipes rehabilitation with no-dig technologies (trenchless), cathodic protection of steel pipeline systems, remote control and automation of valves and hydraulic equipment.

The IDROMETSIDER srl is growing not only in terms of sales but especially in developing of his technical and commercial organization  and expansion of its market presence, which is why in 2014 has expanded its operations with the opening of a new headquarter with a warehouse for the storage, distribution and assistance on his products.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the continuous update on industry news, the staff of the company has a high technical profile that allows them to provide advice on a wide variety of products and technologies, offering the best solutions to the various problems during the design and during the construction.

All the products are all certified and of  high quality, and our partners, are among of the best producers on the domestic and international market.

The IDROMET SIDER srl also has important references about supplies made abroad in countries such as Albania, France and Senegal.

One of the strengths of the company is the ability to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Integrity, professionalism and proper conduct of the work have always been the main features of IDROMET SIDER srl.



The main goal of the company is never been the single supply but the customer satisfaction and the creation from the beginning of a relationship of trust that lasts during the time.

For this purpose, we always aimed to become a partner of our customers rather than just suppliers and all the staff is encouraged to contribute to the organization using their motivation, intelligence, know-how, and experience to constantly improve the quality of our services.



– Aqueducts / waterworks

– Pipelines / gas pipelines

– Sewers

– Hydroelectric plants

– Industrial plants

– Fire-fighting systems

– Purification plants and wastewater treatment plant

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