Welding courses on polyethylene pipes and fittings

Our welding courses on polyethylene pipes and fittings allow us to meet the needs of an ever-growing sector, training competent and qualified professionals to work on polyethylene sheets, pipes, fittings and membranes.

The course allows the achievement of the license, respecting the provisions of the main rules of the sector: UNI 9737 and EN 13067.

Combining theoretical lessons, demonstrations and exercises, all the theoretical and practical tools required to obtain certification are therefore provided.

In particular, the following welding topics and techniques are covered:
• characteristics of polyethylene and of pipes and fittings;
• laying of pipes;
• peculiarities of welding on site;
• welds to thermal elements;
• welding by electrofusion;
• hot gas welding;
• extrusion welding;
• solvent welding;
• health and safety at work.

The final certification exam includes a theoretical and a practical welding test which varies according to the qualification class.

We also organize courses to obtain the qualification of welding coordinator, as established by UNI 10761.

Corsi di saldatura su tubazioni e raccordi in polietilene
Corsi di saldatura su tubazioni e raccordi in polietilene

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