FIBERGLASS PIPES Fiberglass pipes are the strong, convenient and cost-effective option indicated for various areas of application, both in pressure and gravity. Their composition of fiberglass, polyester resin and silica sand guarantees excellent properties in terms of performance, quality and cost-effectiveness, even compared to other more commonly used materials such as concrete or steel. For […]

Pumps and pumping systems: different solutions for specific situations Every field of application is unique and thus requires ad hoc designed interventions.   There are, in fact, several elements to be considered when choosing a pump or pumping system, including required flow rate prevalence type of liquid diameter of the pipes other characteristics of the […]

Supply of DN600 and DN700 steel pipes, certified according to EN10224, for the wastewater treatment plant of Barletta. In particular, the pipes supplied had an external coating in triple layer polyethylene and an internal coating in epoxy paint, with a thickness of 6,3mm for DN600 and 7,1mm for DN700.   STEEL PIPES FOR WATER AND […]

Video inspection of rainwater pipe

Video inspection of rainwater pipe. The intervention of video inspection of pipes and ducts is aimed at verifying the general state and the functionality of the pipes allowing, in case of detection of breakage or subsidence signs, to intervene with targeted restoration works. The data provided by the inspection are also a valuable reference point […]

Imhoff tanks

Imhoff tanks are used for the primary mechanical and biological treatment of wastewater from domestic or similar discharges. The treatment objective is the clarification and partial stabilization of civil waste. Their main advantage lies in their structure, thanks to which it is possible to combine mechanical treatment (sedimentation) with biological treatment (cold anaerobic digestion).   […]


Ecomondo – The green technology expo Sectors of circular economy together to innovate, grow and design the future…we will be there! Our innovative technologies, services and products will contribute to the design of a more sustainable future, through an international exchange of ideas, experiences and goals.   26-29 October, Hall D2 stand 010b, Rimini Exhibition […]

Pipes, fittings, flanges and joints

Pipes, fittings, flanges and joints for the modernization of ISF Bari Occidentale   The supply of stainless steel pipes DN 600 and 350, fittings, flanges and dismantling joints was part of the revamping (modernization) of the sewage lifting plant Bari Occidentale (Acquedotto Pugliese Spa). The intervention enabled the plant to be modernized, improving the quality […]

International Day for Disaster Reduction

October 13 is the International Day for Disaster Reduction established by the UN in 1989 to promote awareness and to encourage the adoption of more sustainable practices. Nowadays the topic is increasingly discussed and emerge the issues of responsible management of soil and water resources. Authorities, companies, private individuals… everyone can contribute to reverse the […]

Electric and pneumatic actuators for valves and gate valves: supplies, installation, calibration and maintenance directly on site!   ON SITE INTERVENTION ON ACTUATORS The possibility to intervene on site for all the installation, calibration and maintenance operations of the actuators allows to: – Accelerate the commissioning time of the system – Be able to install […]