Pipe wall joint

For the sealing of smooth pipes in wall crossings, an innovative solution is represented by the PIPE WALL JOINT. This modular system, composed of flexible meshes joined by stainless steel screws, allows the sealing between the pipe and the wall directly on the wall opening. The installation is rapid and simple and allows to customize […]

Wireless meter radio reading system

Wireless meter radio reading system for the optimization of the new water network realized at Nuova Fiera del Levante, Bari. Among the different materials we supplied within this project, also the new meters with remote reading system and relative wireless reading system, of which the installation has been performed.   WIRELESS METER RADIO READING SYSTEM […]

External structural hydraulic consolidation

External hydraulic/structural consolidation of a DN 1000 steel pipe at the Cuma Purification Plant, Naples. The pipeline was in an extremely advanced state of corrosion, with significant cracks, holes and large areas completely missing. The operation therefore involved first the damaged areas, with punctual reconstruction work, and then proceeded with the total consolidation of the […]

Pool leak detection

Leak detection at the swimming pool of a receptive structure in Cisternino with colored tracers method. The investigation with dyes is the most suitable solution when the leak source is not immediately identifiable and is ideal for cases of leak detection in swimming pools. Through the introduction of small quantities of coloring liquids in the […]

The Wellpoint plants represent a filtering system designed to temporarily lower the water table allowing dry excavations in aquiferous soils. In the most practical and cost-effective manner. The system is designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day for long periods of time. THE WELLPOINT PLANT The central element of the system is the set […]

Roofs, terraces, balconies and other coverings represent some of the most vulnerable points of a building, being in direct contact with atmospheric agents and bad weather, and can thus become a source of even serious structural damage. These surfaces, in fact, if not carefully treated, with the passage of time tend to show increasingly important […]

Supply and installation of n.1 booster set for the new water network at Fiera del Levante in Bari. The need of a booster set was due to a low pressure inside the existing water system, which made the water distribution insufficient to meet all the needs. Pressurization units for water use are indeed systems designed […]

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