9010 RCplus pipe system for open trench installation without Sand bed, Ploughing / Milling

Pipe made of PE 100-RC with integrated, colored outer layer

The egeplast 9010® RCplus pipe is a pressure pipe made from PE 100-RC (Resistance to Crack) with integrated, colored outer layer and the greatest resistance to slow crack Propagation, recommended for open trench Installation without sand bed, ploughing and milling.

Damage to the pipe arising during transport, site handling or installation that contravenes applicable technical standards is visible immediately.

The material PE 100-RC

The continued development of the tried and tested PE 100 materials makes it possible to satisfy the greater demands of modern installation techniques. Compared to conventional PE 100 materials, these socalled PE 100-RC materials (RC = Resistance to crack) are characterised by a significantly better stress crack resistance. The high quality requirements ensure that damage resulting from stress cracks is reliably precluded.

System techniques

egeplast offers numerous moulded fittings such as bends, tees and material adapters. Own production makes it possible to create fast and efficient system solutions and to make these available to you as required. You therefore receive everything you need for the ideal execution of your projects from a single source. You will find a comprehensive overview of our moulded fittings range on our pages with moulded fittings for supply and disposal.