egeplast SL Sewer System

The egeplast SL sewer system is based on a smooth-walled, solid wall pipe made from polyethylene with bright, inspection-friendly inner surface.

This innovative pipe system is characterised by high service life, reliability and extremely low installation, operating and servicing costs. egeplast offers all system components from one hand. All system parts can be welded among themselves. This prevents the occurrence of commonly seen types of damage such as root penetration, misalignment or leaks.

The egeplast SL® sewer system at a glance:

• The pipes become a system unit with the surrounding soil and, thereby avoiding loads from soil pressure and live loads without this leading to failure of the pipe

• The prevention of deposits and encrustations combined with excellent abrasion properties guarantees consistant hydraulic performance

• The sewer pipes are joined using butt fusion welding or electrofusion welding and ensure an absolutely leak-tight pipeline system throughout their entire service life

• Polyethylene has excellent chemical resistance to aggressive flow media and soils

• The low specific gravity permits inexpensive pipe installation without heavy technology.

Solid wall sewer pipes made from polyethylene are classifi ed as fl exible materials under ATV Code of Practice. Their advantage over rigid materials is that after installation they form a system unit with the surrounding soil.