Pressure reducing valve

Operating principle

Pressure reducing control valves reduce a higher inlet pressure to a constant, lower, outlet pressure independently of the flow rate or inlet pressure fluctuations. Mainly used to reduce elevated pressures in distribution network.

Additional features

– Pressure sustaining, the valve maintain a minimal inlet pressure;

– Solenoid on-off control function. A remote controller switch on/off the valve;

– Check function. When the outlet became higher than inlet, this function prevent the back flow;

– Reverse flow: main valve totally open if outlet is higher than inlet;

– Main valve totally open when the inlet pressure rich a minimal and adjustable value;

– Two adjustable pressure outlet value. The switch could be through a manual override, or by an electrically remote solenoid control or with an hydraulic adjustable flow control;

– Flow rate control;

– On-off float level control valve with outlet orifice to control the flow and prevent cavitation.