SL PP-B module

trenchless renovation using pipe bursting and tight in pipe techniques

The egeplast SL PP-B module is generally suitable for all trenchless technologies. Because of its scratch resistance and ring stiffness it is a perfect choice for technologies offering the possibility for channel widening.

SL PP-B modules are principally deployed in single pipe lining, the TIP method and in pipe bursting. In terms of the depreciation time and service life, this corresponds to the requirements placed on new installation. The sealing system of the PP modules by far exceeds the values prescribed by the pertinent standards DIN 4060 and DIN EN 681-1.

The egeplast SL PP-B Module at a glance:

•Short pipe manufactured from solid walled pipe in accordance with DIN 8077 and DIN EN 1852, made of polypropylene (PP-HM)

• The light interior colour is inspection-friendly and guarantees optimal conditions for camera inspection

• The flush outer and inner join permits an ideal utilisation of the cross-section of the old pipe that is to be rehabilitated

• The sealing system and the geometry of the pipe together become a system unit.  The egeplast SL PP-B module has a triple lip seal in accordance with DIN EN 681-1

• The join of the short pipes is locked with click technology so that the pipe does not move in the sleeve area during insertion

• The egeplast SL PP-B module is a structurally self-supporting pipe.  The old pipe has no further structural significance after installation.