Lifting stations

Lifting stations (or plants) are systems facilitating the lifting and transfer of water when it is not possible by gravity.

They are thus suitable for pumping wastewater and stormwater and for ensuring proper flow in the case of a sewer pipe at a higher level than the wastewater collection basin.

For civil or industrial installations, various sizes are available depending on requirements.

The elements of the lifting stations are:

  • Storage tank made of concrete made with Portland cement (according to UNI EN 197-1) reinforced with structural fibers and aggregates according to UNI EN 12620 (CE marking).
  • One or more submersible electric pumps, of different types, equipped with quick coupling foot and guide pipes;
  • Pressure pipes in different materials;
  • Interception and check valves;
  • Level regulators to control the electric pumps;
  • A water hammer attenuation system;
  • A removable basket screen on the inlet pipe;
  • An ultrasonic probe level measurement and control system.


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