Pumps and pumping systems: different solutions for specific situations

Every field of application is unique and thus requires ad hoc designed interventions.


There are, in fact, several elements to be considered when choosing a pump or pumping system, including

  • required flow rate
  • prevalence
  • type of liquid
  • diameter of the pipes
  • other characteristics of the hydraulic circuit
  • technical function within the system (collection, treatment, regulation…)
  • available budget


It is therefore necessary to identify the solution that best suits the particular case, being able to choose from a wide range of specific proposals for each need.


For example:


Robust and reliable, they guarantee the passage of large solids preventing plant downtime and extra maintenance.


Areas of application:

– Wastewater – Buildings

– Flood control

– Industrial wastewater

– Wastewater treatment

– Wastewater transport



Designed for complex applications.


Application areas:

– Fertigation and chemigation

– Water disinfection in commercial buildings

– Drinking water treatment

– Desalination

– Industrial heating

– Washing and cleaning

– Industrial water supply

– Industrial wastewater

– Wastewater Treatment


For flow and pressure management, suitable for local pumping stations.


Some areas of application:

– Drinking water treatment

– Irrigation

– Cooling

– Desalination

– Process liquids transfer

– Industrial water supply

– Washing and cleaning

– Water distribution

– Wastewater treatment

– Surface water abstraction

– Water processing


Since 1985 Idromet Sider provides an extensive selection of innovative and certified high-quality products and solutions for aqueducts, gas pipelines, sewerages, water treatment plants and industrial plants. For public authorities, businesses and the private sector.

With the Idromet Service division we also realize innovative and highly specialized services to offer a valuable reference point to support our clients.

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