23Jul 2019

The rehabilitation with CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) relining technology was performed on a 33 meters long DN 400 pipe in a wastewater treatment plant of Monopoli. As shown by the preliminary video inspection, the pipe was so damaged that groundwater entered it after rain events. In order to compensate for the presence of a […]

14Jun 2019

The rehabilitation was performed on an old drainpipe in one of the most important theaters of Bari, undergoing restoration. The problem was represented by humidity on the walls adjacent to the pipe during the rains, since the leaks were located mainly on the junctions. The intervention took place from the terrace to the ground floor, […]

03Jun 2019

The plant separates the first stormwater from the remaining stormwater and treats it using an adequate purification system. In this case, the treated water is then sent to the subirrigation. Idromet Sider is able to supply complete water treatment plants with different functions, made of reinforced concrete or polyethylene tanks, depending on the customer’s needs. […]

06May 2019

The pipe crossed the ground floor at the entrance of the building. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to abstain from breaking and restoring all the flooring, avoiding big inconveniences to the residents. The rehabilitation was performed along the entire stretch of about 15 meters that connected two wells and, at the end of […]

01Apr 2019

The rehabilitation was performed on a drainpipe with diameter of 125 mm in a new building of Bari. The problem spotted by the customer was represented by humidity and infiltrations present on a perimeter wall of one of the apartments. After a careful video inspection of the drainpipe, we found a lesion near a 45° […]

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