Electric and pneumatic actuators for valves and gate valves: supplies, installation, calibration and maintenance directly on site!



The possibility to intervene on site for all the installation, calibration and maintenance operations of the actuators allows to:

– Accelerate the commissioning time of the system

– Be able to install an actuator even afterwards on an existing valve, without replacing the valve.

– Install valves without waiting for the usual long delivery times for actuators, while regularly continuing work on the site

– Quick intervention in case of actuator malfunction: no plant downtime or valve disassembly necessary



Explore our wide range of valves, gate valves and electric and pneumatic actuators, of certified quality, and find the most suitable innovative products for your construction site.


Since 1985 Idromet Sider provides an extensive selection of innovative and certified high-quality products and solutions for aqueducts, gas pipelines, sewerages, water treatment plants and industrial plants. For public authorities, businesses and the private sector.

With the Idromet Service division we also realize innovative and highly specialized services to offer a valuable reference point to support our clients.

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