The rehabilitation was performed on a drainpipe with diameter of 125 mm in a new building of Bari. The problem spotted by the customer was represented by humidity and infiltrations present on a perimeter wall of one of the apartments.

After a careful video inspection of the drainpipe, we found a lesion near a 45° elbow, at a depth of about 11 meters from the entrance of the terrace side pipe, in correspondence of the apartment where the infiltrations had occurred.

In order to keep costs down, we proposed to the customer a partial rehabilitation of the drainpipe, considering that, with the exception of the damaged point, the rest of the pipe was in good condition.

Therefore we decided to use the CIPP relining technology (“Cured in Place Pipe”) with an “Open End” (partial) relining system for a total length of 18 meters.

The work took place as described below:

– removal of the “Mexican pipe union”;

– pipeline cleaning;

– preliminary video inspection;

– preparation of the resins and impregnation of the sheath;

– extrusion of the sheath inside the drainpipe;

– resin catalysis and structural hardening of the sheath;

– final video inspection.


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